Professionally Speaking

Tom Majewski enjoys his split personality when talking about his career in marketing…or is it advertising…or is it communications? From concepts to ideation, strategy, media purchases, photography, graphic design, working with the media, web design, social strategy, content creation, trade show booth activation, and coordinating publicity events on the ground, Tom has pretty much done at least a little bit of everything at one time or another.  Having built up a diverse skill set, he can “plug into” any of those capacities.  However, his true passion is leading a team of marcomm professionals challenged to deliver results across the marketing-communications spectrum.

So far, Tom’s favorite job was as Director of Marketing at Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, where he was part of a small but very dedicated team supporting that non-profit’s education mission.  Tom’s job scope was pretty wide – he wrote and/or designed everything from news releases to billboards to brochures, wrote and directed TV and radio advertising, and pretty much everything in between.  If you’d like to hear an interesting story or two from that time, Tom suggests you ask him what the inside of an otter mascot costume smells like, or what it’s like to lay on a bed of nails.

tomaszmajewski_1433352867_03Personally Speaking

In his off time, Tom finds inspiration at art museums and un-curated events like the St. Paul Art Crawl, which he’s been enjoying for over 20 years having first attended as part of a field trip from Duluth Denfeld High School with Mr. Englund‘s art class.  He particularly enjoys mixed-media and experimental pieces which challenge the traditional definition of ‘art.’

When not on the interwebs, Tom can often be found watching some sort of Star Trek show or listening to MPR while tinkering in his garage. Formerly a professional photographer, he still struggles to leave the house without a “real” camera in tow. In recent years, Tom has enjoyed exploring the back roads and rural lanes of southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, sharing interesting finds via Instagram.

Historically Speaking

Parents Stanislaw and Barbara brought Tom to the United States when they emigrated from Communist Poland in the 1980s.  Speaking Polish at home exclusively, they ensured he would be able to communicate with his extended family back in the “old country.”  Growing up in Duluth, MN, every other year Tom would go back to Warsaw for the entire summer and live with his grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Those fondly-remembered summers helped him retain the language, stay connected to his roots, and bond with family and heritage.  This is a tradition that Tom would like to continue with his children.  He has floated this idea to his better half, which has been received with –ahem– mixed reviews.

Familialy Speaking

There are many special souls in Tom’s life.

Tom first met his wife in 2003, and they have been happily married since 2010.  He considers Laura to be an amazing person, beautiful woman, and wonderful mom.

His first born and heir to the yet-to-be-determined family fortune, is the most handsome 7-year old boy this side of Poland named Thaddeus Kazimierz. (Named after Tom’s maternal and paternal grandfathers, respectively.) The most recent addition to the clan is the absolute vision of 4-year old perfection that is Athena Ruth. (Ruth is a traditional middle name in his wife’s family.)

On January 5th, 2018, the Majewski family home was destroyed in a fire, an experience which Tom would not recommend. In addition to losing the house and most of their personal property, their beloved pup Stella perished as well.  Stella brought joy into their lives of everyone she met, and she embodied the phrase, “to know her, was to love her.”  They miss her every day.

Laura and Tom had desperately wanted to return to their Richfield neighborhood, which they adored.  However, after nearly two years of getting the run-around by insurance, architects, and contractors, the decision was made to relocate.  They were lucky to find a quiet cul-de-sac in Eden Prairie, where Thaddeus learned to ride a big-boy bike during the early days of COVID lockdown.  Everyone hopes to welcome another rescue dog to the family soon.

And Finally

On occasion, Tom does enjoy referring to himself in the third person. (Although less so these days, once he learned that referring to oneself in the third person is a common sign of mental instability.)