The Challenge
Deliver a brand new website in time for the launch and announcements of a new company, formed by the acquisition of Masco Cabinetry by acpi,  in two weeks.

The Process
• Determine minimum launch requirements from all stakeholders.
• Clone existing WordPress site of
• Change all branding; gather and publish additional info on brands and leadership.

The Highlights
New business leads page – Researched competitor and industry best practices. Partnered with VP of sales to identify information needing capture. Worked with sales leadership to determine lead routing based on business type.

Custom Quotes information capture form – The Quotes team was struggling to keep up with volume of incoming requests. A major bottleneck was created because not enough detail would be submitted, and the team spent a lot of time following up via phone and email. A new form was created with many additional fields, forcing designers to include all necessary information to produce a quote. Turn-around times improved, while volume of quotes increased.

Customer Service info hub – With customer digital resources scattered across many online properties, the Care team had a difficult time communicating where to go, depending on what B2B customers needed to do.  A hub or ‘clearing house’ page was created to more efficiently point users to the appropriate website or page.

Additional website work samples coming soon.