Behind The Brand | We take Labor Day seriously. It’s our annual pause-and-reflect moment. Not only to appreciate all the direct effort that goes into our products, but also on our people and their many years of service, mostly behind the scenes, that go in to bringing those products to homes nationwide.

Codes, Inspectors, and Horse Skulls | The most commonly found object embedded within a home are shoes. They’re routinely found around windows, doors, rafters, and behind chimneys. To further the mystery, no one seems to know how or when the practice started, or what these shoes were meant to do.

Common Kitchen Planning Mistakes | Rest assured that when you work with a professional CliqStudios Kitchen Designer, all considerations will be looked after. Our Designers are experts at maximizing even the smallest areas while utilizing “quirky” spaces and angles to create the most efficient kitchen possible.

Decoding Contractor Lingo | Selecting a contractor to perform work on your home is no small matter. To protect your home and family, it is important to know the basic differences between professional qualifications and liability coverage.

Retro TV Kitchen – Roseanne | The kitchen – much like the rest of the house – has clearly been lived in, and not gently so. With no formal dining room, the kitchen table is center of family and social life, a fact driven home by its prominence during the opening title sequence.

Retro TV Kitchen – The Golden Girls | The layout of the Golden Girls’ home and the kitchen could be described as a precursor to what’s known today as “living in place” design. The house only has one floor for ease of mobility as the occupants age.